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Sinus Problems? Headaches? Respiratory Problems? Hidden Mold Can Make You Sick! At Coastal Environmental Compliance LLC of Hammonton, New Jersey, we specialize in air quality and mold testing to ensure safe, breathable air in any environment.
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Mold Testing and Investigation

Do I need a Mold Inspection? Has there Been a Pipe Leak? Roof Leak? Humidity? Drain Overflow? Has the property sat vacant for the season? If so there could be mold growth. Coastal Environmental can determine if there is a problem.

Mold testing and investigation services are available for all customers, including residential customers, schools, municipalities, commercial and industrial properties.

These physical inspections are done throughout the entire building and include taking air and surface samples to determine the extent of mold or water intrusions.

After the testing phase, we develop a scope of work for remediation, and we supervise the contractors who perform the work. Finally, we conduct post-testing to ensure that your job is completed correctly and to verify all mold has been removed.

Our Services Include:

  • Mold and Indoor Air Quality Investigations & Testing
  • Post Remediation Clearance Testing
  • Asbestos Inspections
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Air Quality

Air quality testing is an important environmental service, during which we perform evaluations and provide control and mitigation services with quality assurance. The goal is to meet the current guidelines of OSHA, ASHRAE, EPA, and the ASTM, as well as other current guidelines.

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