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Hazardous Waste Management & Consulting located in Hammonton, NJ and Serving The whole State!

Coastal Environmental Compliance LLC, based in Hammonton, New Jersey, provides an array of environmental consulting services throughout the state.

Environmental Consulting Services

Our site assessments include Phases I, II, and III hazardous waste management and property transfer assessments to meet ASTM/NJDEP standards under the current New Jersey Spill Compensation Act and CERCLA property transfer liability guidelines.

We are compliance experts on the RTK Act of 2002, which includes Right to Know survey completion and labeling. Under the RTK Act, you can get information about any hazardous materials that could harm you or your family.

These substances may be present in the workplace, in facilities in your community, or they may have been released into the environment.
We also offer asbestos management as part of our environmental services, which include:
  • Facility Inspections
  • Abatement Program
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Bulk Airborne Sampling & Analysis
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